Dec 15, 2007


so fast it is yet another saturday. i really wonder what i have done for the past few weeks. yeah, busy writing paid post, and what else.. let me see.. watching tv and of course work. but i have not been hardworking enough to work for a few hours straight in a day. i tend to stray away from work, surfing net and blog hopping. it's more like working 5 minutes, straying 10 minutes. with the a streamyx line in front of me, how can i not be tempted?

anyway, it has been an fast and easy week. another 15 days more and we will go into year 2008. woahh.. 2008 means i will be 28. oh my, 28, 28, 28 seems so big the figure. haha.. not that i am scared of the big 30, but then wondering will they be any difference when i reached 30. sometimes i wish time will not fly so fast. i wish that i will be in my early twenties again. that's the time where i spent my few years working and it has been a great great time. and i have a few great ex-colleagues which i still keep in touch with until now. and it is great to know them...


huisia said... are so young :)

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