Dec 13, 2007

roses for you..

my cousin is getting married next month and she asked me to introduce a place where she can order bulk roses for her wedding dinner venue's decoration. so, of course, i introduce to her. at this site, there are many varieties of bulk flowers for any occassions. the best thing about FiftyFlowers is that unlike other local florists who kept the flowers in coolers for days, FiftyFlowers uses overnight express to ship to customer to ensure the freshness of the flowers. and other than this, they do offer wedding flower packages for couples to pick accrodingly to their needs and budget. ahhh.. it's so romantic when you see the wedding venue is decorated in fresh flowers and the sweet sweet smell of the flowers.


Celebrity Videos said...

Just now I have checked that flower site. I like that idea. Anytime we can order fresh flowers as per our convenience.
Thanx for sharing.

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Metallica Albums said...

It's so nice to get flowers!!! especially from men))