Dec 13, 2007


yesterday i was taking some opps from one of the advertisers. there are so many opps and it's quite nice to write for them. but the only downside is, got to have 2 interim posts between the paid posts. so sometimes, i really have a hard time squeezing out what to write.

but anyway, back to yesterday grabbing those opps. so i log in, and saw, wahh.. so many opps. i think about 7 or 8 opps. i was so happy and i start reserve the posts. BUT, not sure what was wrong. dunno whether is my line problem or their network problem. after i grabbed, they told me the opps is being reserved but when i see my reserved posts, there are none. i log out and log in again but it still nothing. yelek!! this is not the 1st time happening to me. last time also there are so many opps, but in the end i got zero. this time i am a wee bit lucky though, managed to see 2 opps being reserved. so sienzzzz~~~~~~~~~~~~


Lady Gaga Alejandro said...

very interesting! It's nice that you share interesting stuff with us!