Dec 13, 2007

inconsiderate movie goers...

yesterday, we went for a movie but i won't write it here which movie we watch because i want to rant and bitch a bit. will write about the movie in the next post.

well, we were late a bit, so there's some opening which we missed. we thought we were quite late but as the movie go on, there are still a lot of ppl coming in. and i tell you, the people are so inconsiderate. i thought when watching a movie, you should be silent and set your stupid handphone to silent mode. but heck!!, no!! they are really some people who are so inconsiderate and they won't feel embarrased when their stupid handphone keep ringing and they keep hello, hello, and hello. then they are a lot of people keep talking and talking and chatting. hello!!, if you want to chat, then pls go to a kopitiam and chat. over there, you can chat as loud as you like and nobody will blame you.

the most irritating thing that happen yesterday when we watched the movie,is about the guy who sit beside us. i think is more or less 16 or 17 years old only. well, first, he came in late with a group of friends. and then when they sit down, he keep talking to his friend beside him. ok, so kj try to hint him like giving him some glances and hope he take the hint and shutup. well, he did shutup BUT... here comes the most irritating part. the handphone which he was holding in his hand keep on flashing with the light. you all know lar, a cinema is quite dark and slighest light will become very obvious. well, at least he put it in silent mode but then the lights keep flashing and he keeps answering the phone and yak and yak and yak until we cannot tahan anymore and throw him more glances. but I TELL YOU.. no use. he stiil answer the phone or replying the smses throughout the whole movie and the lights from the handphone keep flashing and flashing.

we din told him off even though we were quite irritated. actually we should but then now regret also no use. i am not sure why did he came for the movie since he was not concentrating on the movie. then hor, i heard him telling his friend he dun understand what the movie is all about. PLS lar, how can you understand since you like watching your your handphone more??? argghhhh, inconsiderate people!!!! help!!!!~~~~~~~

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huisia said...

wow..don't know these thick face people would feel shy or not..

jazzmint said...

aiya to watch movie lah, better he go out

Anonymous said...

Some people don't care about others. You should have told him to shut up! :-)

Young Jeezy Albums said...

it was right said that some people don't care about others... and it's a shame((