Dec 7, 2007

pc fair

pca fair is here again starting from today until sunday. the pc fair here is quite small not like those in kl or jb. here at the most there are only 20 stalls. and the things are not cheap too. normally at pc fairs you can get good bargains, but the one hel over here are more or less like whenyou go to the pc shop itself. so sienzz ~~ !!

but i am going to the pc fair all the same. hahaha.. cos if i dun go, then there will be nowhere for me to go liao.. most of the time i jus walk around and will finish my see see look look within 20 minutes. fast hor?? but no choice lor, have to make do with it. how i miss those pc fairs in kl or jb. at least over there there are more gadgets to look and much much more cheaper. for example, i asked my sis to help me buy a pen drive in pc fair which cost me about RM110 that time (yeah, i know now it only cost around RM70) but it was sold around RM180 over here!!! imagine the RM70 difference lor..

aishh.. everything is much much more expensive here. magazines like CLEO is sold at RM6.90 in west malaysia but here, it is sold at RM10.90 and some even sell it at RM12. u say expensive or not?? even newspaper also expensive. The Star is sold at RM1.90 for weekdays and RM2.10 for the weekends. and somemore, we cannot read it early early in the morning one, cos The Star only arrived east malaysia during noon time. so, by the time when we read the news, it is already old old news already......


I like Lady Gaga Bad Romance said...

it's great, that you've written about it!