Dec 7, 2007

Kona Kava Farm

i like the smell of coffees. i think it smell so so so nice and fragrant. but too bad, i don't drink coffee cos if i drink coffee, my heart will beat quite fast and i don't like the feeling. but kj likes to drink coffee. so i introduced kava drinks for him. Kona Kava Farm nestled on the fertile volcanic slopes of Kona's Hualalai Mountain where climatic conditions and micro nutrient rich soil are famous for producing Hawaii's most sought after coffee. they have varieties of organic Kava products to choose from such as Kava Roots, Kava Paste, Kava Drinks, Kava Elixirs, Kava Capsules and a lot more.

you can order it online and the products will be delivered within the same day to you. you can be assured of their online ordering system. anyway, do you know what does kava means? well, it means bitter, sour or sharp.


Anonymous said...

You could find information about the safe and guaranteed way to order kava online here. This will be helpful to readers who are searching for this information.

You were right on your post about kava , the taste is quite bitter this i am talking about the extacted juice from the kava roots but you could take kava capsules if you do not like the bitter taste. It will take some time before you familiarize yourself with the raw juice extracted directly from the kava roots.
The important point here is the quality of the extracted kava juice from the roots is far better than kava capsules or other kava suppliments.

Beatles News said...

i like the smell of coffee as well! it's so inspiring!