Dec 13, 2007

movie time..

ok, so i wrote about those inconsiderate movie goers at my last few post. and i can stop being irritated by that and wait for the next time to be irritated when i go for movie again.

so i shall stop bitching about it and talk about other things which is the movie i went watched. we watched Golden Compass. so, basically, i have no idea what this movie is about because i din read any reviews on it. so, for the 1st half of the movie, i am not sure what it is talking about. i was busy trying to concentrate but with that annoying fellow next to us, it is hard to. anyway, i think this movie is more targeted towards children or teenagers. at first, it was quite bored and i almost fell asleep trying to concetrate. hehe.. and i think this movie is unevenly paced. It moves in spurts, then it just stops. and there is this Daniel Craig. i think the time he appeared in this movie added together is less than 20 minutes. and for the last part, there is nothing about him except the kid going to look for the father.

anyway, i liked Harry Potter much much better than this movie. but will watch the sequel too since already watched the 1st time. go watch if you want to know what's the plot like. won't write it here cos i am lazy.


Anonymous said...

Daniel Craig only for 20 mins...that's not good. I like such fantasy movies so I will probably anyway watch it, but it's not doing well in the USA, so it can't be good.

Ti Albums said...

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