Nov 13, 2007

my job's pros & cons

ok, this post is exactly the one i wrote in my other blog. i copied it because not everybody will go visit 2 of them, so i just copy and paste it cos i want to share it.

for those who knows me, i am currently working for my hubby's company. my job scope include from admin, account, IT, office girl to even "maid". hahaha.. so, summing up all together is one leg kicking lor. ask me the pros and cons from previous working experience and now, i can tell you that i much prefer working for other company eventhough i now currently have very flexible time and 3 holidays per year for about 2 weeks each. ok, i am going write down the pros and cons here.


  • very flexible working hours (want to work then work, only make sure that my works are up to date)
  • 3 holidays per year for about 2 weeks (for me to go back to hometown to see my families and friends)
  • bonus (haha, shouldn't be suprising right since many others also got BUT i tell you, my previous 2 companies, there are no BONUS at all)
  • can msn, internet surfing, watch movies at the same time while working. (but normally i very concentrate with work one)
  • can have a nap if too tired (this i seldom do it cos i don't want to have this habit of taking a nap during the day)


  • ONE LEG KICKING (means i have to do EVERYTHING which include all accounts, admin, running errand)
  • no colleagues too ke-pohing with (very lonely, only 2 dogs staring at you the whole day)
  • cannot wear nice nice clothes to work (KJ suggested to me that i should wear nice nice clothes when start working , siao hor?)
  • have to take care of the household things (like taking care of the dogs, washing the clothes, hanging the clothes. argghhh, one word = MAID)
  • pressure (yeah, i know working outside also got pressure but then when you are working for your own FIL & husband, lagi pressure mah, have to face the whole day ah)

oklah, that most probably sums out the pros and cons of working for others and working for the family. i EFNTD ok?


jazzmint said...

eh at least u can work together with family. i think i would have gone cuckoo liao