Nov 12, 2007

monday blue...

today is monday. so i am having monday blue. feel so lazy to start work this morning, so i just spend the whole morning blog hopping, net surfing and msn. and i wasted the whole morning which i could use it to do a lot of things. then at noon, i told myself, cannot be so lazy and unproductive. that being said, i started working and wowww, i really started working and worked and worked and worked for a straight 4 hours. phewww, at least i finished half my works.after that gave my dogs a bath and they sure enjoy it especially on a hot afternoon. and after that, i fiddle around with the photoshop. i really would like to learn photoshop becaus if i learned how to do it, it will be fun editing all those pictures. anyway, now i am back in front of the pc, starting to do my pending posts again. hahaha..