Nov 1, 2007

how's my new look?

haha, how's my blog's new look? decided to give it a whole new look yesterday. i thought the old one was used for quite a long time already and i was starting to get sick of looking at it. it took me almost the whole afternoon to complete it because previously, i was using the old classic template and then this templates has to use the new template function. most of the time i was busy getting used to the function.

anyway, today is already thursday. been back for almost a week. so fast, eh!! nothing much was done the last few days. i was just very busy and crazy doing paid post only. so, if you all saw too much paid post, sorry yeah, i am money crazy nowadays. just skip and skip, k? but must come visit once in a while, yeah!!


Suzie said...

nice clean freash look :)

jazzmint said...

nice...simple and nice ;)

khai khee said...

suzie & jazzmint : thanks!!!! :)