Nov 1, 2007


do you need any supplies for pottery, education & crafts? well, Amaco supplies all these arts and crafts materials if you need them. there are experience teaches in Amaco giving online and toll free techinical support and product support. there are many products such as Ceramic Clays, Modeling clays, bead rollers, brushes and paints and many more others porducts.

Amaco, who is the primary supplier in Ceramic Clay, Glazes and Underglazes to school systems in the US also practices the importance of safety in classrooms and studios. they also introduce the new contemporary gloss glazes, textured glazes and special effect glazes that are. a list of all the available workshops, books, videos, lesson plans, and promotional materials available from Amaco can be get from the site. so if you need any lessons or products try AMACO now.


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I just joined Spock after I received an invite from a friend of mine. The thing I noticed is that there seems to be a lot of duplicate entries for the same person. I found my sister had two, another friend had two and yet another one had FOUR. They really need to go in and clean out all of the duplicate entries. Would make it a lot easier to use.