Oct 29, 2007

i need a holiday!!

YES, i need a holiday. you all must be wondering why do i need another holiday since i am now currently still holidaying. i need a REAL holiday, not just coming back to hometown and laze around. i need to get out to somewhere sunny and relaxing like Hawaii. i have been dreaming to go to this place since dunno when. if only we can try out those nice Kauai vacation rentals. yes, i think i am going to ask KJ to go search Kauai Travel Blog and see What to Do in Kauai. but for this holiday, we need to do more detailed planning and and surfing the net as to make sure that the holiday won't go wasted. hope that we really got the time to go cos it has been so long we since has a real holiday. ok, now i want to go and tell KJ about it and bug him till he promise to go. muahahahha!!!!