Oct 30, 2007


when i got back home, my mum let me see something she did. she makes fruits enzyme. yee yucks, she told me very very good for health wor when drink a cup everyday. but i dun dare to drink it cos when i smell it, it got some sour sour taste like that. actually, the enzymes are make from fruit fermentation.

this is papaya with lemon enzymes. other than papaya and lemon, cane sugar is put it too. everything must be dry and you cannot touch it with bare hands. not a drop of water can be mixed it. then after cutting up all the fruits, place the fruit neatly into an empty bottle. the bottle MUST be clean and DRY. after putting in the fruits, close the lid tightly and you are done. put aside for 2 weeks and the enzymes is ready for consuming. no need to add in water or anything else. you can use any other different kind of fruits to make it.


jazzmint said...

wah wahh...really can drink boh..sounds like jeruk to me keke

eh durian kenot eh..kenot try

khai khee said...

haha, i scared to drink aso leh, my mum keep asking me to try but i stand firm. hahaha..

as for durian, ermm, dunno can a not. i go ask my mum.. hehe..