Sep 29, 2007

no title post..

yeah, i am just plain lazy to update my blog for the past few days. and the stupid internet connection which connect and disconnect make me more lazy to do anything. i am not sure whether is the streamyx problem or router problem. but i think 90% is most properly due to the router problem. tsk, tsk.. and "somebody" is just sooooo inconsiderate to use the laptop 24 hours a day just to download some movies. and that means that the line will be more slower when used by more than 1 pc. and i dun want to ask him to turn it off becos, urrmmmm, i also not sure why lah. dun wan means dun wan. and my old pc in the room decided to go on a strike and keep restarting and restarting.. sianzzz and lazy to reformat it. so that means i cannot surf net comfortably in the room liau.. AND just now the tv in our room also went on a strike too. the cable suddenly go "piak" when kj tried to plug in the cable, SIANZZZZ AGAIN!!!

i am now all alone at home with the 2 dogs and it is very very windy outside. going to rain again. ahhh, what a wonderful way to spend a saturday night. oppss, is raining now and getting heavier as i typed. ehh, stopped liau.. so moody one the rain.. haha, dun say me crazy, ok? cos i EFNTD. ok, wanna enjoy the rainy night under the cozy comforter and watch movies.. tata, night and enjoy your weekend!!!

p/s : errmmm, pls bear with all this ranting. i myself also not sure what i am blabering about...


jazzmint said...

wow..kena lighting lagi!!

Anonymous said...

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