Aug 23, 2007

8 things about me..

tagged by sweetpea on this 8 random things about me. hhmmm.. 8 random things about me. ok, here it goes...

1) i like dogs very very much. read it - it's VERY. if combined together with kj's dogs and mine, we got a total of 9 dogs. crazy, huh.. and if possible and i have lotsa money, i will definately open a pet shop. but when i was younger last time, i hate to have pets cos i am scared of them dying. but as time goes by and i much much older now, i reasoned that every living things have to die, so mah, might as well don't think about it and enjoyed having them around.

2) i cry easily. i can cry easily when watching those touching or pitiful dramas or even cartoons. even if reading books too i can cry. when my friends saw me crying even over cartoons, they think i am overly emotion. haha, but can't control mahh.. so cry lor.

3) i like to eat fish skins. be it steamed ot fried, either way i like it. i am not scared of the smelly taste of it. and kj finds it weird that i like to eat fish skins since he don't like it. so i get a lot of fish skins from him.. haha..

4) when i sleep, i must turn off the light and if possible, it must be pitch dark where i couldn't even see my own hands. and i can't sleep when there's noise disturbing me. so, when i sleep i must have a pillow where i use it to cover my ears with. kj finds it so irritaing because he likes to read before sleeping and normally i will sleep before him.. haha, but he has no choice...

5) i like buying shoes, especially sandals. right now, i think i have got about 4 to 5 new pairs of sandals sitting in my shoes cabinet. and there are a few pair of other types too which are new too. i am not working in office so not much chance to wear it now, but i still like buying. waste money hor?? haha...

6) i hate scallions, or green onions. i will patiently pick every one of it out of my food before eating it. i am not sure why i hate it, but maybe inherit it from my mom, she also don't like it too although she don't picked it out one by one from her dish. ahh, and my sis also same same with me too. so my dad will scold us for being so troublesome...

7) i think i am addicted to the pc. i must use the pc everyday to check my mail, chat, blog-hopping & etc. if the streamyx is down, i feel lost, and there are some empty feelings inside me. and i will straight away call the customer support and nag and nag at them.

8) and lastly, like sweetpea, i am quite lazy too. and yeah, i treated my mom like maid too. and sweetpea, at least you washed your car. me, i just dumped it at the garage and paid them to wash for me... haha. and yeah, now i have to do the housework after i got married, i super hate it.. blehhhh

and won't be tagging others too cos i saw most has done this tag.


Simple American said...

I am addicted to PC and carwashes too. :)

Ryan Shamus said...

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Education Blogger said...

what a fun idea for a post... i just might have to post this one when i get home from work!

Sweetpea said...

thanks for doing the tag :)
yes, i did send my car to carwashers too, but sometimes i find it quite... therapeutical :P gave me a sense of satisfaction.

khai khee said...

simple american & sweetpea : haha, yucks to carwashes again!!