Aug 1, 2007

tag : Phobia

got tagged by jazzmint this time on phobia.

i guess many of you ladies out there sure got this same phobia as me. i hate those creepy crawlies.. yucks, i can't bear the sight of them especially MAGGOTS. eeekks, ask me think of it i wanna puke already. why i especially hate maggots is because i had a terrifying experience with them.

i was in ermmm, i think sec 2 that time. i was in a teacher's house having tuition and we have it in his kitchen. then the place where i sat has a cabinet beside me, which was wrapped in those colourful and flowery plastic cover . so as usual i just down as usual. then i looked to my left and OMG i saw an egg which was already broke and there are hundreds (oklar not hundreds but really a lot) of small small maggots crawling happily in it. yeeeeeee yuuuccccccckkkkkkksssss. super duper yucky, i tell you. i was just only less than an arm length with them. so, you say gross or not gross? i wonder how many day the eggs was left there until it became like that. i quickly tell my teacher about it and he kept apologise about it. eee, so dirty lar..

as i was typing this, post, i can still remember clearly the scenes where the maggots crawling about. and i really want to puke liao. so from tat day onwards, anything that crawls, i super hate it and i won't go near it. and i hate going to the fish and birds shops too, because at there, it also sells a lot of those crawlies where you feed it to the fishes and birds. and somemore, there are really thousands of the crawlies kept inside the tank. i kept thinking what if the tank accidentally dropped onto the floor, then the crawlies all crawling all around, then some crawl up your legs?? *shudder* and double yucks!!

okok, now going to tag others too to see what their phobias are.

chooi peng


jazzmint said...

wahh..liddat u kenot join fear factor for sure

Anonymous said...

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huisia said...

owe you this first..will do asap!

huisia said...

finished this tag liao :)

khai khee said...

jazzmint : for sure i wont dare to join.. somemore if they wanna ask u eat it then how?

adam : thanks for dropping by..

hui sia : okok.. now hopping over to read.. :)