Jul 31, 2007

Planning for holidays

this is a sponsored post.

yesterday morning while having breakfast with some friends, we talked about going for holidays next year chinese new year. u all must be thinking, so long till next year new year, now already want to plan about it ah.. but things must planned early early so that everything will go smoothly. just in case ahhh.. well, we planned to go to macau, hongkong and shenzen for about 5 or 6 days. and we want to make it a free and easy trip. so that means planning our own itinery, booking our own flight tickets and accomodation. all this have to planned carefully, if not time and money will be wasted if we do not planned it carefully.

anyway, my friend ask me to try out a website, Hotel Reservations where we can book our rooms through there. so when i reached home, i straight away surf the net and woahh, not bad the website. it got a lot of information on hotels all over the world. from this website, we can also book flight tickets as well. isn't it much more simpler this way? everything done through a website without the hassle of going to many sites for booking the hotels and flights tickets.

and what's more, there are now 70% for those who book online or make internet reservation through the phone. 24 hours support is there to standby if you think encounter any problem while making your booking. so won't be scared if make any mistake. at, major credit cards are accepted. so, see, isn't it very convinient?260

Hotel Reservations also provide destination guide for us tourist so that we can know what's good in store for us. with the help, now, we can really planned it carefully and have a nice trip there. make sure you bookmark this website for your future reference when you are planning for a trip, yeah..