Jun 13, 2007

what rule is that??

i tried to make a booking for genting's room for kj's bro this august. i called genting's reservation hotline and ask, ask, ask. they told me that there are still room available for members but no rooms available for non-member. i was like, huh? what kind of rule is that? so what if ppl dun wan to apply for their membership? dun apply then means no place to stay, is it? kj's bro did not have the membership card as he seldoms go to genting mah.. what for he go and apply it? and he din use a credit card, so unable for him to book it online too. i applied for the genting membership card sometime ago. but the staff told me that if i make a booking through my card, i have to be the person to check in. where's the flexibility? isn't it too much trouble for somebody who JUST wan to book a room at genting? haisshhh...


chooi peng said...

i remember i read from shoppingmum blog before abt this, maybe you try to ask her how to book it!