Jun 15, 2007

its not safe anymore..

actually it was not safe long long ago. but now, it is terribly dangerous. heard from kj about the terrible news which happened in JB. a 19-year old girl was gang-raped by 3 men while the 22-year old boyfriend looked on helplessly. oh my, what is happening to the society nowadays. it's not safe to drive alone anywhere, it's best to go home early and not go out at night. we have been adviced that if got ppl rammed into out car, dun ever ever stop or get down from the car. yeah, of cos who wants to get out of the car with all that terrible things happening all around us BUT what if the car is beyond "driveable"? what are we going to do then? call the police? but what if the police ask you to call another police station which in turn again ask you to call another police station? should we keep on calling and calling then?

when i heard that when the poor girl called one of the police station asking for help, damn it, they have the cheek to tell her that it's not within their responsibility and please call another police station for help. shouldn't they send for help first then only later on dispute whose's whose "territory" is that? i mean if the police send for help at once when they got the call from the girl, i bet she won't have to suffer so terribly, right? where has the sense of responsibility of the police gone? now according to what the chinese newspaper has wrote, investigation is being carried out to see who are those police asking the call to call another police station. so, yeah an investigation is being carried out and i hope it won't just slow down and at the end, nothing will come out of it. dun tell me it's not possible, anything is possible nowadays what with all those "beer-belly" ppl sitting comfortably everyday in their office everyday. got what i mean hor? why i dun see such things happen in our neighbouring country which starts with the capital "S"? u dun come and tell me, theirs such a small country, easier to control, bla bla bla. yeah, correct, they are small but so what? it's not an excuse, ok? sometimes i m thinking that our country is now moving backward rather than foward. and within this week, another similiar case again happened. a 35-year old woman gang-raped by few men. 2 cases within a week. hello, policeman uncles & aunties, do you know what is happening?

ok, so when i go back next month i must reach home by 6 pm everyday, then if driving must ask ppl to accompany me. no more late nights and no more driving out alone.