Jun 29, 2007

weekend weekend

so weekend is here AGAIN. and i have been enjoying my "holidays". so you guys should be wondering why i have holidays, right? i wrote it in my other blog, so i tell you all again, haha.. my big boss went back to hometown, so i got 10 days of free and easy holidays lor. today is the 3rd day of my holidays. so what have i been up too? yes, of cos. facing the pc until my eyes pop out and i cannot tahan anymore. hehe.. and sleep all i like. din touch my work at all. happy ehh..when he's here, i dun feel too good using the pc except when doing my work, becos the pc's in the living room and he is in the living room most of the time mah.. so if he sees me keep using the pc and msn and msn, not very good right since i am employed by him to work and not msn mahh.

on another note, while i was walking my dogs this evening, i came across this. can you guess what is it?

it's dead and squashed snails. these are just part of it only. there's a lot more along the road. can you imagine anybody who did that? think the person did this must be crazy and cold-blooded and he/she is has nothing to do lor. i mean he/she got the time to look for the snails then squashed it one by one. yucckky rite?


Sweetpea said...

eerrr... am not a fan of snails, except for those escargots that i can eat :)
i may squash one or two, but if that was the case, i will walk straight lar, don't bother dirtying my shoes :P