Jun 29, 2007


woaahh, an interesting site for the women out there. HerFabLife.com is a a place where the latest trendy and social lifestyle for the women out there. at here, you can get to know the information of the latest fashion styles, the newest restaurant, bar, spa, salon and retail store openings. at here, you and me can discuss and share about the latest hapenings in town. women from all walks of life can can contribute, voice out and even can vote for the things they like.

i am now currently working from home. this is what i needed indeed since i can use the internet to connect to the outside world without having to leave the comfort of my house. who knows, i may be the trendiest and well- informed woman among my friends. gossh, won't they be suprised!! registration is free and once you sign in, you will be sure that you will not regret it.