Jun 20, 2007

my lunch..

normally i won't take any lunch after having a breakfast everyday. then straight away until dinner i only eat. i din take lunch because normally i will have quite a heavy breakfast. then come lunch time will be still quite full and i dun dare to eat because sit a lot facing the pc. not much walking here and there, so scare get fat lor. that's the reason for almost every girls/women who's scared of becoming fat, right? but but but... the past few days i have been stuffing myself with those dumplings.. so today change a bit and ta da, this is my lunch for today.

sinful lunch...fried chicken wing + egg + rice + red plum bubble tea

so starting tomorrow, instead of those sinful foods, i will eat more fruits..hopefully i won't get tempted. LOL!


huisia said...

oh oh..you make me so hungry

khai khee said...

huisia : LOL!! me aso hungry now, waiting to eat dinner.. haha.

SMS-Spel said...

yummy!!! looks colorful.. but khai khee this is not fair.. your not suppose to tempt us like this:-(

I AM HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!