Jun 19, 2007

Burn Notice's Spying 101

This is a sponsored post.

did you ever fantasy that you were a spy? i do dream of it. LOL!! hhmmm, a spy. seem mysterious and exciting, yet dangerous. what if you are not good at becoming a spy? does not act like a spy? so what tools and techniques should we use to accomplish a mission succesfully without revealing our true identity? if we do not plan carefully, it's is actually very dangerous because who likes to be spied on, right? especially when the people you spy on are doing something unethical.

so if i am a spy, i will see what kind of spy i am going to be. and what mission i got to accomplish. i will try to blend into the group i am assign to spy on as natural as possible. i will make friends with the targeted group or person and slowly get close to them and earn their trust. haha.. if i gain their trust, sure i get to join in their mission or whatever is going on.139

want to learn some skill on how to become a spy? starting on 28th June, Michael Weston acted by Jeffrey Donovan, a CIA Operative on USA Network's Burn Notice, will have to accomplish a similar task! also stars Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless.