May 11, 2007

PPP Love

This is a sponsored post.

this is the 22nd day i joined PPP. PayPerPost (PPP) is a kind of blog advertising for bloggers to earn extra income. i love joining PPP because it gave me the chance to earn extra side income since i worked part time only. the extra money from PPP that i made, i can save it up myself and buy whatever i like. although it is not much, but at least i am satisfied with the amount. and joining PPP also motivated me to write more and increased my chances to make more friends online. i've actually made a few friends from PPP all over the world.


Dave said...

I love the PPP and Bloggerwave. I hope their business models are sustainable so we can do this forever.

khai khee said...

dave : same thought here. hope there will be more n more opps for us.. :)