May 11, 2007

104th Post

so this will be my 104th posts. why i don't post it when i reached 100th posts? *blush*, cos i forgotlor. today when i go and see my dashboard, eekks, over 100 already. i already reminded myself must do the 100th posts congratulate myself but who knows wor, i forgot. so nvm, congratulation on my 104th posts. lol..

actually it took me more than a year to reach over 100 posts. i was kinda lazy last time, but you all know lor, now got this ppp, :D , so mah, more posts lor. sometimes my frens do comment that wah, too many paid posts ler, how to read? i'll just tell them to skip it if they are not interested. but must make sure come to my blog ah.

so, here wishing myself for more posts to come and of cos, earn more $$. haha..


Suzie said...

congrats hor.. may many more posts(not paid one ah....! haha! just kidding) to come...