Apr 23, 2007

PC Fair in Miri

i went to pc fair last sat nite. well, pc fair here can't compared with those held in kl or jb. those in kl or jb are bigger about 10 times more than here. but anyway, having nothing to do, i just went for see see look look only. there was really a lot of ppl there. i think most of them also go see see look look like me lar, cos there was nothing to do at home and nowhere else to go. really, at miri here, u got nothing to do at night one. small small shopping centres, only a few mamak stalls. mostly is those kopitiam only.

anyway, back to pc fair topic. i tell you all ah, those pc pc thing's price really dropped very very fast ah. i bought a 2G pen drive at RM138 from kl pc fair at i think during dec 06. then that day my sis call me and told me now 4G onli RM99. heart pain ahh.. so fast can drop soo much one meh? i really dun understand ah. i seldom bought pc things here in miri cos price here cost much higher. like the pen drive. i bought for RM138 rite? here sold at RM199 that time. i rather aske my sis to buy for me then courier over. courier over even cheaper than buy here.


huisia said...

yalo, nowadays price of IT gadgets dropping just like a roller coaster..

can you leave me your blog url to my blog, as i am using proxy so unable for me to see your URL. after that, i can add you into my reader. TQ!

khai khee said...
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