Apr 24, 2007

Handmade soaps

i have been using handmade soaps for a few months back. i got my first free handmade soaps from my cousin. she make it all by herself through all the traditional ways. she bought all those ingredients everywhere. she also add in essential oils in her soaps too. so after using it, i think i smelled really nice and refresh and therapeutic. lol.. last time i have dry skin but after using a few weeks, my dry skin seems better. my mum and mil also likes to use it. if u guys like it, u can try to go to her website www.angkorsoaps.com to have a look. actually she started selling her soaps quite sometime ago but she only just started her own website introducing her soaps. she makes bath salts also. i tried before when i went to her place in cambodia (oh ya, she lives in cambodia). i soak in the bathtub with the salt. n, it's so relaxing and smelled soo nice. lol, i feel like sleeping inside the bathtub already.. here's some sample of the soap.

calendula soap
rose clay soap

salad soap
honey soap

p/s : this is not a spnsored post, yeah. oklar, oklar, i got a few free soaps from her...lol!!


Sasha said...

wah i tot ppp hahahaha

sarakastic said...

The soaps look great i'll have to check them out!

khai khee said...

sasha : hahaha, it's not ppp. but
seems like it, yeah.

sarakastic : hi, thanks for
dropping by and yeah,
do check it out..

karenyiau said...

The soap looks "attractive".... would love to try the bath salt too.

SYH said...

I wonder is the soap look nice or the picture effect..haha..but it sure look very attractive.

khai khee said...

karenyiau & syh : haha.. yeah, it really looks "attractive" but for me, it really feels nice after using it.

Sweetpea said...

the soap looks good enough to eat!!