Apr 27, 2007

Irritating Dog

we have a temporary maid who came in twice a week. she has been working with us for the past 3 years, even before we have our shih tze dog, dodo. at first my dog was very friendly with the maid. even if we were not at home, the maid will let herself in and clean the house. dodo will just follow her around and sat aside watching her tidy up the house.

but all this change about 1 year ago. we are not sure what went wrong too. nowadays, dodo will bark furiously and fiercely at the maid and attempt to bite her. and we have to keep him tie up and can't even let him see the maid or otherwise he will bark non-stop. he can bark until the maid finished her jobs and thats almost 3 hours time. can you imagine the noise he make? sometimes i'll just let him bark away pretending i m listening to some music but sometimes i can't really stand his barking. it's loud and clear and irritating. even when i took a cane and cane him, he's not afraid of it. he'll just let me cane him and he'll just continue his job. arrhhggg.. he'll bark at other strangers too, but after a while, he will stop and then ppl can pat him. but that's a nono for the maid. no matter how, he'll just bark at the maid. we are guessing that maybe the maid beat him before. that's why he remember it till now and he wants revenge..

he's looking for the maid whose outside cleaning..


huisia said...

i think maybe you should beware your part time maid a bit..since dog always can sense "something" before people.

khai khee said...

yeah, nowadays i will be at home when the maid came in to avoid any "accidents"...

huisia said...

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