Mar 30, 2007

Bla Bla Bla..

yesterday i went for jogging, after stopping for a whole 2 mths due to .. ahhemm .. laziness. :P and this morning when i woke up this morning, i have body aches all over. really aches all over, especially my legs, and that means i got to skip jogging today due to body aches. *grin gleefully*. anyway, this time round, i must preserve, not matter what. i think i m getting fatter, especially at my hips, since i sit all day long facing the pc.

this whole week has been shiok ehh.. my big big boss went back hometown.. :) and i can idle a bit. muahahahaha.. do things at my own sweet time, it's such a leisure week. and all this got to end by next wed.

anyway, last week i wrote a letter the developer of my house complaining about the lamp post and the telephone post. there was no lamp installed at the lamp post, dunno how many mths already and countless visit to the office and complain. the newly constructed house beside mine already had the lamps installed and i dunno what happen to mine. then the telephone post was constructed in the middle of my fence while all others were in between both houses. so i cannot tahan already, i wrote a complain letter to the GM, cc to this and that newspaper, cc to the head office. and guess what? my sis handed in the letter for me yest afternoon AND i got a response thise morning. c? there is a difference when u wrote to the GM. so i ask the lady who called, "what happen? what ur GM say?" she told me GM ask them explain what happened and ask them to get it settle FAST. so, dun take me seriously when i complained, now there's trouble storing for you.. dun blame me for doing this, yeah.. so la la... let u all c the pics.

c? the whole row of houses got lamp post but where's mine??!!

c the difference between the distance of the two poles? mine's the 1st pic..


mama said...

this must be your funniest post....
the pics were the ultimate!!!
u really bother!!
i believe u sent those pics to the papers dinch u?

khai khee said...

haha.. nawww, i din send it to the papers. very troublesome. i jus scare scare them only. if not, i won't get a response sooooo fast eh.. mus only cc to this or that only they will take action. i tell u, damn happy ahh..