Nov 11, 2006

Bz, lazy, bz, lazy

been quite bz n lazy lately. bz working and lazy to update the blog. i told myself that i have to finish doing the accounts at least up to date before i go back johor next week *wa ha ha ha*. but it looks like i am too slow as well. till now i only manage to finish until august. yeah yeah yeah, i admit that i browse the net, msn, bla bla bla at the same time. so, thus the slowness. $#^&%*#^(@^*%$#(*(@!!!!. ok, i got to buck up... (i m keeping my fingers crossed).

has been bringing my dog, bobby, to see the vet for the last 2 weeks. he has been scratching and scratching all day long. the vet say he has rashes all over his body, so i got to use some kind of medicated shampoo to bath him as well as dodo. after putting the shampoo on them, i got to leave it on their body for about 1/2 hour. so i just leave them in the bathroom and put some kind of barricade at the door to prevent them coming out. so for the 1st 5 mins, they are happy playing in the bathroom. after the 5 mins, they start barking and yelping and scratching and jumping all over the bathroom, demanding to be let out. i'll just turn a deaf ear to all those barking and yelping. can't be too soft-hearted ahh.. here's some photos of them in the bathroom waiting to be let out.

today my fil bought a whole lot of fishes. yeap.. fishes meant for consuming. haha.. dunno what type of fishes. big fishes, small fishes, funny fishes which some of it i never seen before. these fishes are bought straight from those fishermans who just came back with their loot from sea. those fishes are sure very very fresh and nice to eat. nowadays, we seldom buy fishes from market as some of those fishes are caught using poisons spread into either some part of sea or river. anyway, our house is very very near to the beach. nearer than going to the market. so is not much a hassle to go to the beaches and buy those fishes. but i hate cleaning those fishes. the smell is so "fishy". *_*, but no choice, i got to do it. (putting a brave face) ..