Oct 25, 2006

Boring Holidays

today is the 2nd day of raya and i m damn bored. done nothing yesterday except watch a hongkong drama for the whole day while the 2 bros went fishing. hari raya here is so quiet. nothing special here. whilst in johor, i can still see some malays going out visiting but i m unable to see that here. malays are so few here compared to the chinese. chinese and those orang asli are majorities here. indians lagi few. i don't get to see indians everyday (not that i want to see, ok!!) and deepavali is not a public holiday here. i was suprised to hear that when i came to know about it. i was like huh?!! is malaysia here also what. not fair to the indians here mah. anyway, is also non of my business.

i have to go brunei today to stamp my passport. it's almost 3 months since i came here to miri. another stupid rules. we people from west malaysia cannot stay in sarawak for more than 3 months. is like we are some foreign workers like tat. come on leh, we are malaysians too mahh. so it's quite tiresome when u gotto remember when u have to go stamp your passport. i don't really understand what's so good about this. and if i want to work here, i gotto have to apply for permit also. see? so troublesome right? *__*


Anonymous said...

Selamat Hari Raya! Of no Deepavali, we get Gawai, in July. That offsets the holidays properly somewhat. Majority of those people here are the bumiputera Ibans, etc.