Sep 16, 2006

whoaaahh, it has been so long since i mia from here. why?? it's all because of the freaking, damn streamyx line. has been going through terrible moments while connecting to the streamyx. u have been through what it is like when using dial up? yeahh, it's almost the same where u have to wait like dunno how many hours for one page to load. and when the page finally finished loading, you cannot see some of the pictures. heard that the underwater cable dunno where got problem. affected most of the places in malaysia. not sure true a not. but anyway, when i logged in this morning, i find that all's back to normal, yahoooo!! the page loaded so fast that i have a hard time going from page to page. haha.. but better keep my fingers crossed just in case. :P

and because of the slow line, i thought my pc kena virus or something at first. so, nothing better to do, i go and back up all my files and reformat my pc. after reformating, it was still the same, so i called up tmnet and they told me is because of faulty cable. ouch!! really eat too full nothing to do. but i was trying out my new USB drive. haha.. ask my sis bought it for me at kl's pc fair. bought a 2GB for RM129. some of you will think why go through all the troublesome and bought from kl and somemore have to post it here. but i tell u ah, the price here compared to the one i bought in kl is freaking scary. here a 2GB is sold at around RM200++ and a 1GB at RM130++. shock ah?!!everything is expensive here. a newspaper cost RM1.20 (if i m not wrong) in west malaysia and here cost RM1.90. a magazine cost RM5.70 in west malaysia and should cost RM7.60 here. but mind you, the bookshop sold it at RM10.50, almost doubled the price in west malaysia. so sometimes, i got to think think before i buy it.

and while i am writting this, one of my dogs, dodo, was barking his head off at the cleaning lady. i am not sure what happened between dodo and the lady that triggered off such hatred between them. and it's sooo noisy. i scared him with a stick and he can't bothered with me, so i just smacked him and he goes "ee, owwww, eee" but after i turned my back, he started again. so i just let him barked off his head. and while dodo is busy with his barking, the other dog of mine was busy roaming outside, getting dirty, jumping into the drains, (sigh..i got to bath him again) eating everything he sees, free as a bird, haha..

clockwise from top left side : dodo barking his head off, bobby zooming here and there,
looking everywhere, getting dirty and tired