Sep 1, 2006

Merdeka !!!

e is a public holiday today. national day. ermm..i think is 49th anniversary. since i came to miri here, public holiday for me i think now is the same as everyday, as i am now working freelancing. no special feeling. previously, when i was working those 9 to 5 jobs, 5 and 1/2 days a week, i look foward to those public holidays eagerly. even before the year ended, i will be looking at next year public holidays. hahaha.. during those 4 years plus of working days, i landed in 3 jobs. first job in a bank, 2nd in a shipping company and last, in a plastic manucfaturer company. of all these 3 jobs, i like the first 2 better.

working in the bank is the first ever job for me. i was only freshly graduated at that time.actually i was looking for computer related jobs. but since i couldn't get any jobs after searching for about 6 mths, my friend suggested me to work in the bank temporarily while looking for another job. i was doing housing loan then. while working there, i got to know a lot of colleagues and most of them are almost the same age, and freshly graduated too. so, u can guess that i have a lot of fun working there. we work as a team there and since is a marketing job, our working time is very flexible. we went watching movie, bowling, having high tea, searching for nice foods everywhere in jb during working hours. i don't have much saving while i was working there cos we are like everyday thinking of going here and there. till this day, after almost 4 years, i still keep in touch with some of my ex-collegues. but most of them already not working there. the bank also offers quite good benefits. is the 1st and last 5 days working job for me. the bank will often hold some trips to kl for some conferences, to some resorts for company trips and treasure hunts once a while. i have really really nice memory while working there.

with bank's collegues, on the way back from rompin, (company's trip)
2nd job is in a shipping and transport company. is the most pressured job of all. but i learn a lot of things there. working there make me realized that working in a shipping company is not easy at all. most of the time, me and my colleagues worked until 8 something at night. but mind you, there's no OT fees for us ah. i quit because i can stand the pressure anymore but (wahahahaha), i save quite a lot while working there because there are no time for you to spend. you all should know lar, those custom custom things are very troublesome. you have to be really careful about every shipment. phone keep ringing all the time, customers chasing for their goods, asking about the vessels, drivers complaining these and that. i learn to shout while i was working there. i got to be very tomboy when facing the drivers. somethimes the drivers will scold you until you cry when things go wrong. i don't know how many time i cried while i was there, but luckily, i got a very good manager who helped and taught me a lot of things. i still remeber clearly, there was one time i worked until 3 something in the morning with 2 of my colleagues because of some exhibiton cargoes that needed to be transported out to singapore the next day. so we must finished all the custom forms by the next morning. there are, i think 7 to 9 40 footer trucks all full of cargoes. pheww, you really can't describe the feelings, tired and sleepy. the next day have to wake up at 8 am to work. and somemore, the trucks got stuck when they enter singapore. urrgghhhhh...but i have fun too there. no time to spend at all. i still keep in touch with my ex-colleagues now. most of them are also around my age. so is more easier to mix around.
shipping's company ex-collegues in desaru
3rd job is a plastic bag company. ermm.. there's nothing much i can say about this company. start work at 8.30 am, and go back sharp at 5.30pm. learn how a plastic bag is produced. worked there for only 10 months until i got married. never keep in touch with those ex-colleagues because of age problem and most of them are married. and funny thing is all my colleagues are girls. dunno why my bosses never employed men. too bad there's no photo as my photos in kulai. will upload next time when i got it yeah..

and now, doing admin work and also some basic account. funny ah cos i never touched account before. die ah.....

this is my currently work station, hhmmm, all alone, (lonely, lonely) , -_-

p/s : was supposed to post this up yesterday, but not sure what's wrong with blogger, can't upload any photos at all. sick of trying and trying again, so here is it now.


mama said...

ur current workstation has a cross on the top shelf...hmm??

khai khee said...

to bless me from doing my works smoothly mah..haha, jus joking. actually tis house was rented. the owner is a christian and that cross is nailed to the shelves, so we just leave it there..

CK said...

KK, yr current work station is more nicely compare with yr 2nd job. It look like clean bt not like yr table in tat stupid shipping company, even want to clean table also no time. Want find a pen also dun know where the pen located. Wahahahaa ... ...

khai khee said...

ck : yalor hor, last time the desk was all files. i still remember u all always tell me to tidy up my table. but where got time ahh.. but we had fun working there too ah..

AhMer said...

He.. i still remember your second job where you are always home late and stress up like Hell.. however it's good for you to freelancing now. Enjoy!
(I love the golden retriever! Too bad can't keep one at home.)