May 14, 2006

It Has Been Almost 2 Weeks...

it has been almost 2 weeks since i blog about anything. well, there's nothing much happening around. hmmm.. *bored*.

anyway, yesterday after dinner, we went to watch the wedding parade in the town. it's the 1st anniversary celebration Miri being upgraded to a city. there is couples dressed up in wedding gowns parading. there's sarawak's traditional costume also. not much to write. so here's some photo. but the photos are a bit dark and blur since i m using my hp's camera.

tomorrow, MIL is going back JB. so i think we have to eat outside again, since i don't know much about cooking. ermm, eating is very easy, but to cook nice dishes, i think it takes a while to learn. but then sometimes really lazy to learn ah, cos for me, i think that the time u spend preparing took so long, while the time u finish your food is just a few minutes. :P, so why go through all the trouble? hahaha..excuses, and excuses. yeah and i know that eating outside is always is not healthy too. and you have to wash up the plates and bowls too. u got hot and greasy too. but, give me some time and i'll try to learn. (hopefully)