May 18, 2006


i don't know what's wrong with my msg board. yesterday it was ok and today when i open my blog, everything inside disappeared. *sob sob*. arrrgghhhh. all the msg which was left by my friends ALL gone. so, i got to change to another type of msg board. soooo sad. so my friends, leave your msg and comments again after you all read my blog. thanks a lot.

i went to enrolled for UBS course yesterday. so i will be starting the class on this thursday. and will go on for the next five weeks. previously i was thinking of taking it after my account class which will end in june. but come to think of it, i maybe will not have time to do it cos i will be going back johor after my account class. so the timing is not right. hopefully i can catch what the lecturers will be teaching since my account knowledge is still so raw. i will be having a full day of classes on thursday with the UBS taking 3 hours in the morning and account class 2 hours in the afternoon. hope i won't doze of..haha.

yesterday, i was browsing airasia's website for flight tickets back to johor in july. imagine my horror when i saw the price. is RM259.99 excluding taxes. so after adding the taxes it will be RM309.99. soooooo expensive. so for 2 person will be RM619.98. *blink blink*. last week when i checked it was only RM99.99 excluding taxes. urrrgggggghhhhh. how fast the prices changed. i regret not booking it first that time. for the whole week, the price stays the same. why sooo expensive ahh? i mean, it's not any school holiday or any festival going on. we were planning to go back with a friend who is coming that time to visit us. so now, i think we got to wait for 1 to 2 weeks and see how. hopefully the price will drop again. sigh....