Apr 25, 2008


yay..weekend is here again. i really like weekend. can hole up in the room the whole day, doing nothing but surfing the net and watch tv at the same time. muahahha... that's my favourite past time right now. i know it is unhealthy but hor, i like lar... hahaha.. but nowadays, there are not much drama to watch. i am just watching the long running drama - Best Selling Secrets (同事三分亲). i like Esther Kwan. but too bad she stopped halfway while filming. but i will keep on watching anyway since i already watched so many episode. but the downside is, i have to keep waiting for the cd to arrive and for one episode, i have to week a few weeks. haishh.. i am now trying to download and see whether it will be faster.


Josia said...

Lolxx....you steal my words secret going cool and is a good time pass.But I have spend three months wasting my time watching tv and then concluded you do nothing except knowing what others are doing and u might catch any bad ideas.
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Taylor Swift Albums said...

my favorite weekend's activity is sleeping))) thanks for sharing! Keep up blogging!