Jan 12, 2008

I am going to wear spectacles!!

i think there are so many types of spectacles around and it is so difficult to choose one to my liking. i am not wearing a specs currently, but i think i now have slight eyesight problem because sometimes there are like double vision when i tried to read some words which was just a few feets away from me. luckily there is this Great Discovery: www.ZenniOptical.com, where i can take my time and browse and search for the perfect spectacles for me.


Bingo Online said...

those are nice glasses you have there :)

erp said...

why Dont u tRy conTAct lenses?
ive been using it and i feel more comfortable n confident than wearing my glasses.

Michael Jackson Albums said...

there are lots of people who wear spectacles and they look quite nice with it!