Dec 3, 2007

movie, movie, movie..

going to watch Stardust in a short while. heard from some say it is a very nice movie acted by Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Charlie Cox and Robert De Niro. read from somewhere that this is a romantic and magical movie. so long haven't step into a cinema and watch movie. and i bet when i go watch later, they will only a miserable 3 or 4 ppl watching this movie. the last time i went to watch a movie in miri here, there were only a grand total of 6 person in the cinema including us. u say die or not like that? okielar, wanna write a paid post then i am off to watch the movie.


jazzmint said...

i just watch it last week it's great!!

Nickelback News said...

what are your impressions? would you read it for the second time?