Dec 19, 2007

I Am Legend

oh yeah, i forgot to write down that day i went to watch I Am Legend. compared to The Golden Compass, i prefer to watch this one more. actually, these two movies are two different kinds of movies. one is more towards enchanted while the other one is more towards those sci-fic movies.

anyway, this movie is acted by Will Smith. much of the whole movie is watching him alone and the dog. oohh, the dog is clever but too bad, it died. this movie is something about Will Smith being the last man on earth because everybody else died or being infected by some virus. those who did not died is because there are immune to this virus which makes them safe, while those who got infected but did not die, exhibited early symptoms of rabies and then lost all normal human behavior, degenerating into a primal state driven by hunger and blind rage. and Will Smith is immune to the virus and he sets out to find cures for those infected. that's roughly the story plots lahh.. go watch yourself. it's not bad..


jazzmint said...

i watched this too, but i think i got weak heart, after watching i felt giddy :S

Bookmakers UK Online Betting said...

oh thanks for the post i did watch that and i like that.

Free Bet said...

Oh mate thanks for the post and happy merry christmas to you.

Lady Gaga Bad Romance said...

How do you think will you watch it one more time?