Nov 23, 2007


RealRank has already started. but i am not sure how they calculated all these ranks. my new blog got rank but this old blog is still a zero. not sure what is wrong with it and the tools which they ask us to installed has already been installed in a long long time ago. should i write a ticket to them and ask them or just wait patiently for it to appear? hhmmm, i think i am just going to wait for it to appear because to me, it is not so important. got opps then do, no opps then no opps lor. can't force anything to come out right?

anyway, been quite busy and lazy the last few days. it has been raining on and off everyday except today, the sun is blazing hot but windy. the rain has make me feel so lazy everyday. not feel up to anything except snuggle under the comforter and watch tv or read a book. haiisshh.. relaxing!!


jazzmint said...

aiya real rank or fake rank...i'm all so confused