Nov 15, 2007

Personalized Photo Gifts

wow, i just came across a nice website where you can do your get your own Personalized Gift. you can turn your digital photos into some amazing work of arts. now, doesn't it sound cool? sometimes, we do take tons and tons of photos but what we normally do is just store inside our pc and seldom look at it. with this, you can now have your favourite picture dyed into a blanket, bedding and pillow cases with super high-quality custom photo product.

if you are running out of idea on gifts, this is really a great idea. imagine their suprise when they see their own photos printed on the blankets, bedding or pillow cases. and this is also such a practical idea of gifts, where you can use it everyday and there is also a touch of sentimental value. they can go to bed at night and wake up in the morning wrapped in the comfort of happy memories and loving friends or family.


Lisa said...

I am going to hop over and check that out. I have no clue hant to get for the grandparents this holiday season and photo gift of the grandkids may do the trick. Thanks for the idea.

Cricket Games said...

Lisa, go for it. It would make a nice present. I might buy this for my aunty this christmas.


Linda said...

That would make a great gift for anyone!!

Acne said...

Awesome idea Lisa. I agree it may be a big hit with the oldies this christmas. Of course that group are easy to buy for, but this seemsa near perfect gift. No real chance of them not liking it.

Regards Andy

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