Nov 9, 2007


the opps in one of the advertiser kept increasing. i was sitting in front of the pc and the opps kept increasing in front of my eyes. but i tell, even one opp for me also dunno have. got lar, a few of those need many many words but payout is so kiam. cannot force myself to take it ah.

even got a pagerank also no use. everytime the opps will come in the middle of the night and when i saw it the next morning, all will be grey in colour. and even if it start coming out when i am awake and waiting in front of the pc, the stupid line how can fight with others. load half page and let me see how many opps but cannot see what opps come out. can see but cannot touch ah. see lar, this kind of line, how to survive?


perros said...

Awww, too bad you can't get ahold of the opportunities to post. I guess the competition is pretty stiff, eh? No worries, money isn't everything.