Nov 13, 2007

funny incident

my mom told me a very funny incident today about my dog. so, today it rained heavily in kulai and thunderstorms are so frightening. my mom was not at home when it rained. so when the rain stopped my mom went home and the moment she reached home, she noticed something not right. my dog was not at the gate greeting her. normally when there is anyone at the gate, my dog will starting jumping and prancing around.

so, my mom was thinking what was he up to and where had he gone. she went into the house, searched for him and called out his name, but no response. then went out to the garden and checked but also no response. my mom started to get panick because she tot somebody came into the house and kinapped my dog.. haha. so she took an umbrella with her and went out to the garden again and called my dog. suddenly there was a yelped nearby. my mom called again and he responsed. my mom searched inside the drain, in the middle of the pots and pots od flowers but cannot see him. then she called again and my dog responsed again. and DANG!! my mom knew where it came from. she straight went inside the house and into her bedroom. and she saw my dog jumping down from her bed and rushed towards her. hahahahaha... normally he won't dare to go inside our bedrooms, but i think the thunder scared him and he needs to find a place to hide. and the best place will be on the bed with lots of pillows and comforter around him. i laughed so much when my mom told me this. it was so funny and to think he will response to his name when being called....


sam said...

hehe, how funny looks he!?! lol

Carpentry Jobs said... made me remember my own pet dog...She was such a's been over a year since she died..really miss her :(