Oct 31, 2007

years ago

i am now going out in a short while. finally it's my turn. muahhahaha, kj went to kl and now i have my own activities, which is meeting up with old friends from sec school. woahh, sec school seem to be so far far far away. oh yeah, this year marked the 10th anniversary of me graduating from sec school. 10 years is so long ago. and i do miss those time when i was still schooling. only headache about exams and exams only. now, you got to take care of yourself, think about money, and have some quite serious responsibilities.

anyway, those were the days which we can now only reminisce once in a while. many of those friends which we are very close when we were young now went separate ways and we are too lazy to take initiative to contact each other. each of us has our own life to lead.

so ok, i am going off now to go catch up with my old friends. bye..