Nov 9, 2007

what to do??

yeah, i am now working very hard at blogging. making up for the past. haha, becos last time not much offers to write, so i slack at blogging. but now, with the pr increasing (pr again, sori), there are really many many changes lor. money = motivation. yesterday i made quite a not bad amount and after that i am a happy woman.

so today the first thing i do when i woke up in the morning is to switch on the pc and see whether got any opps to do. yeah, there are quite a few but with the interim posts, i am now squeezing my brain juice till dry liao. i can't think of enough things to write now. actually i got a lot of photos to share, but it is all in another pc back at miri. anyway, pls bear with me if you think this blog is quite messy, k? no choice wor, paid post = extra money. who don't want ler? if you dun wan nevermind, but i want it. haha..