Oct 29, 2007

this is our new dog

finally i can post some new pictures of our new puppy. so how do i do it without any cable, card reader or bluetooth? hahaha, easy easy lar. i just mms all the pics i want to my sister and she transfered all the pics into her pc and send it to me via msn lor. clever hor me? haha..

anyway, the puppy is soo sooo soooo soooooo cute. chubby chubby and dunno leh, i think the face all squeezed together. hahaha, but overall, a very very lively and naughty puppy. and she is not afraid of all the big dogs too. well, write less and let you see the photos. not many though...

can't even see the eyes & nose..

with the big brother & sister.. and she absolutely love tails..

with my botak dog...


jazzmint said...

aiyo so cute. i wish i can have dogs too