Oct 27, 2007


i just came back from facial. took a full 2 hours for it and there was a massage at then end of it. it was just so soo sooo nice. feel so refreshing and relaxing. and later on got to go for a wedding dinner in jb. so must "beautified" a bit mah.

and before that facial, i met up with a good friend of mine and we went to have lunch. it was so nice to catch up with each others news. although we met only about 3 times a year, but luckily, things never change. so much talked about and so much to hear about. so, i was telling this friend of mine, even though we dun meet up often, luckily we can still talk anything under the sky. sometimes, you dun need to meet up often, maybe just an sms or a call, you will know that you are being remembered.