Oct 28, 2007

PR updated

so, i was blog hopping as usual when i saw that a lot of bloggers out there mentioned that their blog's PR has either dropped or went up. so i went over to my own blog, and i discovered that i actually got a pr 2 for this blog. hahaha, after being a 0 for so many months, i finally got a 2. but when i checked mine in using some pr checker, some datacenter show pr 3 while some pr 2. but i think most probably a pr 2 cos i installed the google toolbar and it showed a 2. and my new blog got a 1. oklahh, i not very greedy one. it's good that it has some improvement. but then again, i read that not to be too overjoyed first cos google is still updating and it may have some more changes.

i really did not expect my pr will be increased cos i saw that many blogs that have quite good pr for a long time being demoted. wonder how google calculated the pr ranking. a lot of bloggers think that it is because of too many paid post. but unless google tell us how they calculated it, we wont know, right? i read somewhere that is is calculated by some algorithm but now, not sure whether it is still using the same method.


Gadget & Tech Guru said...

Google keeps changing it's algorithms every few months so as to keep the SEOs on their feet. It's a dirty game.

huisia said...

my blog kena demoted..sob sob..from 4 to 2 :(

Suzie said...

congrats my dear :)