Oct 30, 2007

my dream house

i wish that i will be rich enough to have my own dream home. i know that if i worked hard enough, one day, i will definately able to afford it. but looking for my dream home will be a quite tiring job because it is not as easy as buying vegetables from the market. a decision to buy a house will sometimes last for the whole life. and maybe that's is where we will be spending our whole life.

my uncle, who is also looking for a new house showed me some Log Cabin House Plans, English Cottage House Plans and Small Ranch House Plans. it was so beautiful and spacious. all of them has those cosy warm feelings where once you step inside, you do not wish to leave it, LOL. and those unique design looks so nice. if possible, next time when i buy my dream house, i can design it all by myselfs. hahahaha...