Oct 20, 2007

it's 5.30 am

and i am wide awake. couldn't go back to sleep. so i might as well on the pc and see anything to offer. and true enough, there are a lot of opps offered although not much money. but at least it's money.

not sure why i couldn't get back to sleep. normally, i will slept through the night. i wonder if it has anything got to do with a friend who will be going back with us to johor. actually, i am ok if the friend are following us back for a few days, but then he insisted he wants to stay with us throughout the whole period we will be back. so that means we need to think of him whenever we plan to do something. a bit troublesome lehhh.. dun say i am petty or what, k? cos i really treasured the time i go back to my hometown, so i dun want to waste anytime doing anything extra. but no choice, this time we i got to stuck with it. haisshhh....